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Providing A Faith Based Academic Education in Glenmont

Is your child in an academic atmosphere that enables them to meet the world we live in today in a confident way academically, physically, emotionally & spiritually? This question is vital to the long term success of your child’s life.

In a world where your child meets so many constantly changing factors both negative and positive, your child will stand firm with a strong education from Mt. Moriah Academy. Our atmosphere and teachers will enable your child’s gifts and talents to flourish from age 3 until they reach the time to conquer college.

Mt. Moriah Academy would love to meet with you and your child, please call or contact us via the ‘Contact Us’ Link today. We do have OPEN ENROLLMENT at this time.

Shaping Young Minds: Kindergarten – Second Grade

shaping-young-minds-pre-k-second-grade-schoolWith an emphasis on individualized learning in a safe, friendly environment, your child will find a place for himself or herself at Mt. Moriah Christian Academy. We limit our class sizes to ensure that your child can be effectively nurtured – spiritually, academically, socially, and physically. From ABC’s and 123’s through field trips to the Boston Children’s Museum & Aquarium, your child will enjoy their education.

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Third Grade Through Junior High Students

third-grade-through-junior-high-schoolWe immerse our older students in a variety of learning techniques, including lectures, educational games, hands-on activities, experiments, reading, and group discussion. Our goal is to assist students in developing the study skills and work habits necessary to become more self sufficient and accountable.

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A Proven Senior High School Curriculum

proven-high-school-curriculumOver the years, our senior high students have consistently scored above the average state and national level on standardized tests. Our program is designed to prepare students for a successful college experience, and features a myriad of coursework — computer skills, fine arts, foreign language, sciences, mathematics, spiritual development, and even options for mission work and community outreach.

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If you are looking for a Glenmont area faith based academic education for your child then please call 518-426-4510 or complete our online request form.

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