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262 Route 9W, Glenmont, NY 12067

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Welcome to Our Outdoor Service

Sunday, May 31, 2020

In order to adhere with Social Distancing, few reminders to everyone:

Bathrooms are available for SENIORS ONLY.

We request that you please STAY IN OR NEAR YOUR CARS AT ALL TIMES.

If you have to get out of your car, please WEAR YOUR MASK AT ALL TIMES.

Please be mindful of the people around you and save your life and their lives.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Tithes & Offerings

No Live Offering will be taken. Please send your giving to P.O. Box 160, Glenmont, NY 12077

Order of Service



Online Giving

Preaching by Pastor Stephen Giles

Worship Songs

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6:00 PM Everyday – Meredith Giles Facebook Live Updates, Prayer, & Devotion

6:00 PM Tuesday – Tell It Tuesday! (Testimony time)

6:00 PM Friday – Double Trivia Night

7:00 PM Thursday & Sunday – Bible Study by Pastor Stephen Giles

7:00 PM Saturday – Worship, Devotional, and Communion by Pastors Stephen & Meredith

10:30 AM Sunday – Lisa West Facebook LIVE Kids Church on Facebook

11:00 AM Sunday – Sunday Service

Preaching by Pastor Meredith Giles

Title: Be Filled with the Spirit
Text:Mark 4:14-20
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