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My husband, Bill, and I had lived pretty frugally all of our lives. We’d held marketplace and church positions over the years and had always survived with enough to get by.  We had raised some of our nieces and nephews in Albany and they were old enough to start getting out on their own so in 2005 we decided to sell our house and bought a sweet, cottage style home 30 minutes south, not far from where I grew up and we were so grateful and content. 

During that same season of our lives we experimented with running a business and took on some property management work.  Bill had his job at the hospital and I was doing real estate part time. Things were stable and we were managing more income than we ever had before. We had always been committed givers, but never really had anything left over. We really didn’t have a handle on the big picture of healthy saving, spending and giving.

Then the housing market declined and collapsed, and our income sources did as well. We got further and further behind.  We were not able to stay current with our mortgage and had accumulated twenty thousand dollars in credit card bills. 

We were terrified and fighting all the time from the stress.  Our piggy banks weren’t just empty, they were in pieces and we had no idea what to do.

That was the first time we ever heard of Financial Peace University (FPU) or Dave Ramsey. Thankfully, our lead pastors decided to coordinate a class for the church and for the first time in our lives we began to understand how to budget, spend, save and give.

We also learned about insurance and mortgages and having an emergency fund.  It changed everything for us.  This month we will actually make the last payment for our credit card debt and will look at the future with just a mortgage and living expenses for the first time in 10 years.  It is incredibly liberating!!

Whatever your story may be, it is possible to be free from crushing debt and the stress that comes with it.  You can learn God’s way of working with money!  Dave is down to earth, funny and skillful in helping people to climb out of the pit of debt.

For several years now we have been FPU coordinators and love seeing people get free like we have. We invite you to join our Financial Peace Class which begins Sunday evenings, February 1, 2015.

Grace and peace to you! 

Bill and Lisa West, Mt. Moriah Family Pastors





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