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Are You Ignoring Your Bible?

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As we progress in society, with mass media steering much of our information consumption, the Bible, though ubiquitous as ever, has become a less utilized resource for wisdom, inspiration and guidance. For Christians, the Bible is an important source for growth, spiritual nourishment and stability. After all, it is the story of the creation of all we know, the love of Christ and of our salvation. Yet, despite its power, could we be taking it for granted?

Modern Christians are allowing more and more the distractions of life to be excuses for not consistently reading their Bibles. They are giving into their deeper feelings that the Bible seems irrelevant in this day and age or it is too confusing. They justify their ignoring the Bible by stating that they do attend church every Sunday. These excuses and justifications merely continue to cast a shroud of doubt over the Bible that hides its true purpose and robs people of its gifts.

Many versions of the Bible are written in an older language and uses several phrases that are so outdated that they may not be recognizable to us.

-Pastor Stephen

Here we will address those doubts, dispel the excuses and cast away justifications so that you can benefit from the glory afforded you by God’s word through the Bible.

Why the Bible is NOT Irrelevant

The stories in the books of the Bible may seem hard to identify with since they take place in a time where laws, culture and society were very different. How can we identify with shepherds whose days were filled with wrangling livestock when we sit behind computers all day?

At this point I think we are missing the message. True, laws are different, but the word of God is timeless. It addresses our thoughts and feelings and that transcends all chronology. Whether you are worried, scared, stressed, overburdened or frustrated, the Bible is packed full of lessons that address each one of those negative emotions.

It is also relevant if you find yourself straying from your path. Perhaps you are becoming greedy, prideful, angry or apathetic? You know when you are not on the right track and the Bible has a lot to say about how and why you should move away from those sinful feelings. This helps you get back on course and grow as a person, making all other aspects of life better.

Why the Bible is NOT Confusing

Many versions of the Bible are written in an older language and uses several phrases that are so outdated that they may not be recognizable to us. This is understood and addressed in many ways. First, if you attend church regularly, your pastor will likely discuss scriptures and provide you with a better and deeper understanding of them. Next, there are many Bibles nowadays that are written in modern translations that are easy to read and comprehend. Finally, this is why Bible studies exist.

It isn’t always just the language but also the meaning behind the words that can be hard to grasp. Bible studies offer you a place to congregate with others and use the power of your combined mental forces to disambiguate some of the harder to understand lessons.

Why Church is NOT a Substitute for the Bible

Church is a wonderful and important experience for every Christian, but it does not make up the whole of your spiritual adventure. Church offers you an excellent environment where you can enjoy social interaction with likeminded peers, fellowship, togetherness and love under Christ. The messages given at church are thought provoking and timely. They help to provide better structure for your ongoing learning on the word of God. However, being a Christian is a path, a lifestyle. That lifestyle involves learning and growing as a person, and that is not a one or two day a week thing. That is an everyday thing.

The Bible offers guidance in every aspect of your life and helps you to grow as a human being. A conscientious Christian wants to be a better spouse, parent, child and servant to God. The best way to keep on track with those goals is by exploring your relationship with our almighty Lord outside of church and that is done with careful study of the Bible.

All in all, the Bible is good for the soul. Maybe it is time to blow the dust off and give it some attention now and again. You’ll be surprised how things seem to fall into place if you simply read a little bit every night. Problems you couldn’t find the solution for suddenly become resolved, relationships once broken seem to mend and much more abundance comes your way when you are focused regularly on your one true source for all that is good in your life.

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