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Here and Listening

So many times along the tedious road of life, I have longed for someone to slow down long enough to want to listen and hear my heart and the random and poignant thoughts that were rolling around inside of me…not just because they felt they had to, but because they truly cared, wanted to sincerely know my present struggle and somehow in their heart of hearts, wanted to bring comfort and some sense of refreshing and hope. Few there were to come along. Busyness of life, insensitivity, insecure, etc. etc. Not that I’m finding fault with anyone. Just saying, I want to be someone that does care, will slow down and will thoughtfully and sensitively endeavor to breathe life back into a soul that needs resuscitating. Let’s stop and think about this. If resuscitation comes more quickly to someone who has passed out and stopped breathing, the fact is their chances of suffering permanent body damage is far less than someone who has had to wait for a longer period of time for help. This is also true of our spirit. The quicker the fresh, strong breath of life is blown into the spirit, the quicker the spirit revives.

Now maybe I can do this by sharing something spiritual like something from the Bible, or maybe a story that will infuse hope into you. Or maybe it will be sharing one of my best friends—Winnie or Teddy and some crazy antic they have done, (who to heck is Winnie and Teddy?). They are our crazy miniature Schnauzer and handsome German Shepherd who after all, have become like our kids who had the audacity to grow up, move out and on with their lives:(

I don’t want to not be me and I do want to be connected. I want to reach out to you through some writing, video, pictures, however I feel at the time may mean something to you. I also will be hosting a monthly book club and if you choose to be a part, would love to hear from you your thoughts and what you’re taking away from the book.

Lastly, there will be a place for us to carry your prayer requests to the Lord with you. There is nothing as powerful as agreement in prayer. Let us know what those prayer needs are. We know God answers prayer. Sooooo, hope you are interested in being encouraged and refreshed, laughing and crying a little with me, reading some things together and lastly, but most important, praying and believing God together.

Blessings to you Beloved, and let’s keep in touch.

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