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I Am So Hungry!

Those moments forever lodged in the world of my memories are those phenomenal times in the tangible Presence of God. My whole being longs for that again. It seems to me that over the years, we have given in to tradition, political correctness or seemingly important time schedules in our lives, rather than having as our top priority, an overwhelming hunger to be with the One who really matters.

Whatever your persuasion or religious experience has been, once you have had a genuine encounter with the Lord, you will never be the same. Nothing else will ever come close to Him. I enjoy being with people, I love the gatherings and fellowship we have with each other, but nobody, and I mean nobody, can touch me and know me the way Jesus does. It’s not church or small groups, as good as they can be, who meet that place of hunger deep inside me. Even my husband, Stephen, as much as we love each other, can truly get at that unspoken ache….only Jesus can.

I don’t like long stretches of boring dullness when my spirit seems to be like the walking dead, or when one day blends into another, I become a zombie house full of meaninglessness. Slow down, get yourself quiet and wait on Him. I mean it! Do it! Don’t put it off. Get refilled and recharged. We so easily say “He’s the reason for the season,” yet don’t have much time to just be with Him.

Everything and everyone else is just going to have to wait. I need time with the Lord. There is so much sorrow and people in hard places. You see it and so do I, every day. I need to lift these ones up before the Lord, and I need to give Him thanks for His goodness to me. If I didn’t receive one gift this Christmas, it still would be an awesome Christmas. We have each other and our health, we have the gift of life, precious friends, warm beds, and tummies filled with delicious food. I’m not alone as so many are. I have great purpose over my life, and I have experienced Him…and I need to know Him more.

So dear Friend, what about you? Are you lonely, afraid, sorrowful over a loved one suffering or near death? Pull aside to get before the One who knows all about it. Share your true heart with Him. He’s listening. He will touch you and reach out to you like no one else can. Trust me, I know. And I wouldn’t lead you astray. Once you’ve experienced the reality of a God who really is there and really does love and care about you and He makes Himself real to little ole you, you’ll never, ever be the same. If you’ve never talked to Him on such a personal level, just pray, “Lord, if you are really real, make yourself real to me.” Then just watch to see how He will reach out to you. His love is real. That’s it for now. Love you, Beloved and I’ll be in touch again soon.

I Am So Hungry - Pastor Meredith's Blog

Blessings to you Beloved, and let’s keep in touch.

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This Time of The Year

This time of the year with all its colorful sights, enticing smells and old standard Christmas tunes rolling through our heads, can be challenging to some. I want to share my heart in the hopes of bringing some encouragement and healing to possibly a few nostalgic, heavy hearts…

Blessings to you Beloved, and let’s keep in touch.

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