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Am I Really Getting

I have been pondering for a while about that dreaded word….wait for it…-AGING. To me, it seems like something that slowly creeps up on you. You just don’t get a knock on your door one day, and upon opening it see Aging standing on your steps announcing itself-“Tada- here I am! I’m Aging and I’m moving in to stay!” And with this pondering, I began to wonder over the purposes of God for my life. When I was young, I had such great purpose, drive, and clarity to accomplish what was planted in my heart by the Divine Planter. Now that much of that vision has been accomplished, I give pause to the idea of just sitting back, slowing down, and floating along for the rest of my journey. Somehow, that’s not the shoe that fits. A fire still flames and burns ferociously, much like Jeremiah, “The fire within is greater than the fire without.”

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Here’s my big question though-does God still give fresh vision to those of us who are getting older? As I put my question out to God, it seemed that for a few days, God didn’t respond to my query. Then out of the blue, the words “Abraham and Sarah” broke through my fog. It was an “aha” moment. Then came Caleb and Joshua, Moses, etc. Wow! How did I miss it?! Of course there still is fresh vision, renewed promises, quickening and rapid heartbeat moments straight from the throne of God for me. Age means nothing in God’s purposes. These people were in their eighties and nineties when huge, powerful things were happening in their lives that would affect future generations for all of time and eternity.

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I began to review great leaders in history such as Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, etc. If not for their determination and sheer grit, who knows what our world would have become. Fellow agers, and those right behind me by ten years or so, know this-God is never through with us! He has His plan still in motion, no matter what age we may be. Please, along with me, do not take the “rocking chair mentality.” You are needed too much on the front lines. Someone younger needs your words, your life example, your presence to guide them on to bigger and better things. You are extremely important on this journey called life. Don’t sell yourself short. Ask God for new vision, new purpose, another quickening of His Holy Spirit on your life, another fresh word off the coals of the altar…just for you. Then push that rocker back in a spare room that’s been staring you down, put on your sneakers and hit the road running…(or should I say a fast walk), into all God has for you to do in this season and at this juncture in your life’s journey. Now that I think about it, I really do like the old saying, “Never too old” in so many ways! Blessings,

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Plug Into the Power of Prayer

Prayer is such a powerful, assessable force God has given us and I want to share my heart with you concerning it. It is my heart to walk with others through whatever they may be going through on life’s journey. Although I cannot be physically with most of you at those challenging times, I can lift you up before the Lord, and stand with you in spirit before Him, asking God to help you. There are days that things happen that seem just too much to carry alone. Believe me, I have been there many times myself. God has blessed us with a powerful, faithful intercessory prayer group who will join me in taking you before the Throne of God and ask Him to do whatever He knows needs to happen on your behalf. I am opening this invitation for prayer to those I know and to those I don’t know…friends I’ve not met yet. I invite you to tell others about this opportunity for prayer as well. If you are interested in becoming a part of my group—“Friends of Meredith,” let me know. You can touch base with me through that group, or if you would like to keep it more personal, then simply Message me. I will give your prayer request as a general prayer without naming names or giving too much detail. We know God already knows all about each of our requests.

There is a precious elderly woman in our church. Her name is Peggy. We all lovingly call her Sister Peggy. She is 81 now. I have half jokingly, half seriously tried to make her promise she would never die. I’m sure all who know her feel the same. She is a mighty prayer warrior. She is small-framed and a good windstorm could blow her away. So many times in our many years of ministry, I can recall on especially trying, hard days, Sister Peggy would come to my office, led solely by the Holy Spirit, anoint my head with oil and begin to pray over me. My being would instantly transform from being a pastor with the weight of the world on my shoulders, to a little girl, or an extremely weary-worn woman. I would feel her small hand firmly grip my shoulder or grab my hand and squeeze tightly as she began to call out to Father God. There wasn’t much physical power within her, but oh the spiritual power as she called out to God on my behalf. Sister Peggy has prayed me through more than one bad day for sure. There are multitudes that would testify to the same. Many when calling in for prayer, will specifically ask for this 81 year woman by name to begin lifting them up to the Lord. What a mighty prayer warrior she is! We thank God each day that she is still with us and is still very much a part of our prayer team.

Friend, please don’t hesitate to call out to us. We will unite with you and for you and for all those who you want brought before the Lord. I look forward to hearing how God answers prayer and being in touch with you! Many blessings!

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Will I Really Change?

its meThe New Year always brings me to the same thoughts—what New Year’s resolutions do I want to make? The truth is there are very few New Year’s resolutions that I have followed through to mastery. Here is the truth—no one is going to exercise and eat right for me; no one is going to remind me every day to get away by myself and spend more time with the Lord; no one is going to make me take some courses and improve my mind; no one is going to force me to create a nest egg to be able to bless a few people along the way this year. My list can go on, but I don’t want to bore you.

I’ve come to realize it’s me that must learn to have a plan and strategy for the things I really want to accomplish this year. It’s me who must embrace the discipline and challenge of the goals. If I procrastinate, I become a “slow mover” to a “no mover,” and I fall into the category of a “do nothing” person. It’s the whole broad and narrow road story all over again, only its me having to really take a look at me. Yes, I really do want to be healthy spiritually and physically. I don’t want to be like the grossly overweight person who gets in the prayer line to get prayer for hurting knees. I must face me, the real me, not the person I fantasize I am. Self, get real with yourself! I must start now, right now, today, with my goals, my resolutions. I must do them even if I am not fully ready, but to just start. I don’t want to find myself yet again walking close to the starting line, pondering about starting the run, but never really launching out. The grand conclusion for this is—when I get serious enough about my walk with God, or when I get serious enough about losing weight, or enrolling in a class, or whatever my goals may be, I will do it! End of the wrestling! I have no one on earth to blame for my mediocre life other than myself. Sooooo, 2017—Here goes! Two miles walked today. Up earlier than usual to spend more time with the Lord, listening and meditating. Change of attitude and speech practiced and discerned more carefully throughout the day. The list goes on. You know what? I’m doing better already and we’re just a few days into this New Year! Yes, its going to be painful sometimes. Yes, I will have to give up some things that my lazy self would rather have or do. But I know the payoff is going to be worth the effort I have made. Better spiritual temperature and maturity, better health, a sharper mind, etc. I’m determined to grow forward. I need not look at others and judge myself by their efforts. I’m going to compete with me, to get the most out of this year, being the best me I can be! What about you?!

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