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Beyond a Poverty Spirit

While in Kenya, an observation can easily be made-the hearts of the people are different than a lot of other people’s hearts, especially in developed nations. It’s hard to explain if you’re not right there in the ambiance of the atmosphere. Most of my friends there will never own a car or have a 401K. The main focus for most of them each day is how will they pay for the few vegetables and possibly a little meat for their family’s meal. Will their children be able to continue in their school if they don’t have the uniform fee required to attend.

What are the concerns for my friends in the U.S.? I’m not saying we don’t have concerns-pay our bills, have a nice car, possibly own our own home…etc. But let’s put this in perspective. Which culture seems more at peace, happy and content? Humm, Kenya. There is a simple way of life that moves and breathes with the flow of the earth. Their celebrations, fervent times of worship and especially their unconditional notice and fairness with one another is well noted. Are they perfect? Absolutely not. There are bad hearts intermixed with the loving as it is among any people.

So, why all this talk about wealth and poverty? We, in developing nations, must learn to see past a spirit of poverty for we truly are not as poor as we think. In fact, we are very well to do. Let’s daily rehearse all that we have and all that we are able to do and become each day. Let’s shed the spirit of heaviness and poverty for a spirit of praise and thanksgiving for what we do have. I don’t walk to work every day, (which probably wouldn’t be a bad idea if not so far), and I’m not worried about food for my family today. My car runs just fine and if it doesn’t, I have an unspoken faith that I, if not immediately, will be able to have it repaired. Yes, I do have to wait for some things, but honestly, they are more wishes than necessities.

I want to slow down and mature in my level of contentedness, enjoy the seemingly small things, like my Winnie dog, my hot cup of tea, the laughter of my friends, the sweetness of a child’s innocent antics. I’m choosing to shed the poverty spirit, the poverty mentality and really wake up to how blessed I truly am. What about you?

Beyond a Poverty Spirit - Pastor Meredith Blog

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