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The Runaway Car

My grandfather was privileged one year to have purchased himself a new car. He liked how it drove and how it felt when you rode in it. He was one to take good care of his things, but he would never make them more important than his family or his walk with God. In Gramp’s mind, if it was his lot to have to get around in a horse and buggy, that would have been ok with him. Yet, Gramp enjoyed the better things of life to the fullest when they came his way.

Gramp's runaway car

Anyways, we all had ridden with him this one particular Sunday, in his new car to church. We had each made complimentary comments about the beautiful color and how smoothly it rode. Then we all went in to get our seats and settled for the morning worship service. As we were about to start in on hymn number three, something started moving out in the parking lot. Now the windows in the church were nice and big and everyone had a good view of anything or anyone moving out there. Sometimes it could even be a little too distracting for a young girl like myself.

Upon closer inspection, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Why, it looked like it was Gramp’s new car rolling down the driveway which was built on a slant. Sure enough, it was Gramp’s new car! The whole church collectively jumped to their feet and ran to the windows. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. But the best part of this story is the fact that Gramp just sat there. He didn’t even move. He just waved his hand and said, “It’ll be there when we get out! Let’s come and have church.”

Exodus 20:3 reads, “You shall have no other gods before or besides Me.” Other men just shook their heads in disbelief, but Gramp wasn’t to be waylaid in his devotion to the Lord. He had come to worship and by golly, that’s what he was going to do!

Sure enough, the car was right where it had landed in a field, across the road from the church, just sitting there without a scratch on it. Gramp signaled for us all to come and get in. We piled in with great curiosity among us to see if the car was going to run alright. He simply drove it up the bank and onto the road. The car was fine! God had seen the heart of my grandfather and had honored his love for Him and had preserved Gramp’s car for him. Our hearts were light and full of joy that day as we went home to share a delicious Sunday dinner together around Gramp and Gram’s table.

What about you? Would you have panicked if your new car had rolled away out of control? Are there things in your life that you have more attachment to and concern for than you should? Do you value God and your family and friends love above any earthly material thing you may own? List possessions in your life that you need to lay down on the altar, giving them back to the Lord. Commit today to keep Him first and foremost in your heart today and forever.


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The Skunk

Are you involved in some stinky messes you need to get out of?  Do you need to soak in the Presence of God to rid yourself of the smell of the world around you?  Are you being tempted to become involved in something or with someone that would not be pleasing to the Lord?
The story is told of the hot, summer day my brother, Paul, and Steve, (one of my brother’s best friends growing up), were out for a little ride with Grampa in his car.  They were just making a short run to the corner store to get a cold drink of soda on that particularly hot summer’s day.

The Skunk Blog by Pastor Meredith

They were cruising down the road when all three of them happened to notice something lying in the middle of the road quite a ways ahead of them.  Talk about what it possibly could be began to get animated as the three of them guessed anything from a dead cat or dog, to a downed deer, to the possibility of a dead possum or skunk.  Paul thought it was a cat and Steve thought it was a possum.
The talk just kept developing into a big dare, each one challenging the other that they were right and their buddy was ever so wrong.  Finally, it was agreed upon that Gramp would stop the car a good piece up the road away from whatever it was, and Paul and  Stephen would slowly approach the roadkill together.  If they saw that they were wrong, they would have to kick whatever it was.

That is exactly what they did as they slowly approached together.  It didn’t take long for their noses to discern they weren’t dealing with just any old roadkill.  They were dealing with a nasty, dead skunk in the middle of the road.  But by continuing to edge each other on, they each dared the other to make a quick dash and give the dead carrion a swift kick before running back to get in Gramp’s car.  (Who can know the mind of a young man?!)

Gramp about passed out upon their arrival back to the car.  All the windows were promptly  rolled down and Gramp put it in high gear to get them home as fast as possible.

Paul and Steve tried every remedy known to man to get that awful stench off their bodies.  Finally it boiled down to the place where they each had to take a bath in tomato juice, soaking in it to let it work against the odor of “skunk a la mode” that had penetrated the very pores of their skin.

What business did they have with that skunk anyway?!  None!  How like us.  We look at sin and even sidle up to sinners in our dating and business dealings.  We think we will never get entangled with them.  We’re strong and knowing, yet we keep getting closer and closer until we take a kick at yoking up with them just like Paul and Steve did with the skunk.  They got too close.  Then the skunk took over their lives causing them to become a “stinking mess.”  They were a stench to everyone who got around them.  They truly were not a blessing.  They both suffered.  Even after the tomato bath, the essence of skunk still lingered on their skin.

How like the enemy of our souls to tempt us to just play around with sin; just get near the sinner, just hang out with him a little; you can handle it.  Here’s what God has to say about it in 2 Corinthians 6:14 Amp, “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers (do not make mismated alliances with them or come under a different yoke with them, inconsistent with your faith).  For what partnership have right living and right standing with God with iniquity and lawlessness?  Or how can light have fellowship with darkness?”

Lord deliver me from my own strong will.  Help me to recognize the traps the enemy would set for me.  Let me live under Your strong guidance and direction for today and evermore. Amen.


Taken from Time Alone with God by Meredith Giles.  Devotional available for download at


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