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A Cruise to Nowhere

I read a story awhile ago about a cruise you could buy to go nowhere. You purchase your ticket and get on the ship, which then takes you out to sea where you travel around in circles for three or four days. You eat, sleep and play away your time and end up at no specific designation but right back to where you began your journey.

It is humorous, yet sad. It reminds me of the way many of us choose to live our lives. We won’t slow down long enough to ask God to show us what He created us to be doing, and then get the plan of how to begin to do it. Proverbs 28:18 reads, “Where there is no vision (no redemptive revelation of God), the people perish; but he who keeps the law of God, which includes that of man)—blessed (happy, fortunate, and enviable) is he.” In our society, we are taught to foster what I call a “me”ism mentality. Think of yourself first, what you want and how much you can escape by getting others to do it all for you.

When my children were teenagers, they had a friend whom I would often hear them complaining about. Every time they go out as a group, he would say he wanted to come but he didn’t have any money. Kindly, one of the others (sometimes one of mine), would pitch in and pay his way. He would come along and hang out with the group as long as someone else footed his bill. When the kids began to catch on to him, he left them for better pickings. The sad thing is that he probably had more money in his pocket than most of the others that were willing to bless him.

Where does such an individual as this grow to, always expecting others to make their way for them, thinking someone else is responsible to make them happy? They are going around in circles.

It is important to set goals, have a vision and then make a plan to get there. God has great blessings along the way for us as we move forward. Never wait for someone else to come along and make things happen for you in your life. Get moving forward towards a goal.

If you constantly feel you need to be affirmed to go forward, you will only move by a few inches upon occasion. To achieve, you must give up affirmation. Let God be the one to affirm you. Affirmation of man is as illusive as the wind, here one day and gone tomorrow. You cannot base a vision upon the words of man. Analyze your gifts and talents, your desires and dreams. Dust them all off. Don’t be afraid to look at this! Remember, where there is no vision, you perish. Oh, you may not physically wither up and die, but inside, where no one sees but you and God, you know you are not truly living. Inside is where you die.

I challenge you today my friend! Arise on the inside! Come to life! Embrace the vision that God has created you to do! Don’t get sad and despondent, and start confessing, “I can’t do it.” God says nothing is impossible with Him. I think when God says nothing, He means it! Take time today to talk to God about every detail of what is rolling in your mind and spirit. There is a clear designated goal and plan, a vision, He has for you!

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