A Merry Heart

Do you ever just laugh for the sheer joy of laughing? Are you overly serious? Are you too stressed out and nervously tense to joke with others or them with you? Proverbs 17:22 says, “ A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.” My husband, Stephen, is a real character and loves to play a joke on whoever is easily set up. One day many years ago, there were coons in my step-dad’s corn. Stephen is an avid hunter and always kept a watchful eye to try to rid the garden of these thieves. Sure enough, he was able to shoot one of the coons.

There was a loose board out in the main barn and Stephen got this crazy idea to pull a prank on my step-dad, Herb. He took the dead coon out to where a floorboard was jarred from its normal resting place and pulled it back and put the dead coon in a position to make it look like it was about to escape down through the hole. It really did look like the coon was trying to escape.

As soon as my step-dad pulled in the driveway, Stephen hurriedly ran out of the house yelling, “Herb, Herb! There’s a coon in the barn.” Herb grabbed a baseball bat and began to stealthily make his way into the barn. He crept along the inside wall of the barn even walking heel to toe, heel to toe. Stephen of course, was right behind him watching his every move, trying hard not to laugh.

Herb finally got up to the coon and rushed headlong right at it. He began to swing the bat up and down, up and down, thinking he had finally caught the garden thief. Then suddenly it dawned on him that the coon had not made one move. Slowly he turned around and looked at Stephen who burst out with hoots of laughter. Then Herb began to laugh with him at the hilarious prank that had been pulled on him!

Are you too busy to pull a joke on someone or are people too nervous about what your reaction would be if they played one on you? Remember, “A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.” Let’s ask God to help us stop being Negative Nancys and Negative Nelsons and loosen up enough to laugh and love a little more intensely. Laughter is a great healing medicine! So let’s let the healing begin!

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