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Tomorrow Exodus Blog


Exodus 8:9-10a

9 – And Moses said to Pharaoh, “Accept the honor of saying when I shall intercede for you, for your servants, and for your people, to destroy the frogs from you and your houses, that they may remain in the river only.”

10 – So he (Pharaoh) said, “Tomorrow.”

Why not now, today? is my question. Why would Pharaoh want frogs all over his bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, garden, etc.? Why put up with such a gross nuisance all around you, infiltrating every part of your life? Why not today?

But are we the same? I’ll start eating right “tomorrow.” I’ll start exercising “tomorrow.” I’ll start reading my Bible and spending time in prayer “tomorrow.” Why not today? We feel the tug of the Holy Spirit and hear the still small voice of God directing and admonishing to start “today,” not “tomorrow;” for you see, “tomorrow” truly never comes, for when we put things off yet again, “tomorrow” will be “today.” 

One of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control. No need for a huge definition of what that means. It is what it is—one controlling one’s self. Simple. So where does the procrastination come from? Is there a weakness in my character? Is it genetic? Is it demonic? We can blame it on any number of things. Yet, I believe “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us,” at least that’s what His Word says. 

In becoming a writer, I had to set a schedule to write, a specific time each morning in order to get my writing for the day done. If I didn’t stick to that, there would be no books completed. Sometimes I would be excited to write what was stirring in me and at other times it felt like a scary trip to the dentist, yet I persevered. It was the “consistency of doing it” that brought success. It’s the same for any area of our lives. 

It’s the same with the other fruits of the Spirit. When situations arise in our lives, we need to not dwell on negative thinking—it’s not allowed! Talk to the Lord about it first, asking for His mind in the circumstance. Ask questions of Him. Who do you want to be for me in this that is happening? What is my part? How is this going to give me an upgrade in knowing you? Then choose a fruit of the spirit to dwell on. Say, for example, a depressive thing has happened. Talk to the Lord about it, and then choose the opposite fruit to put into practice such as joy. Choose to be joyful throughout the day. See what happens. You will find yourself being strengthened. God knows all about it for He said in His Word that He goes before you.

So dear Friend, I encourage you “today” to stop putting things off in your life until that infamous “tomorrow.” Let’s live our day differently “today.” So out with the workout clothes, purchase the healthy grub, get your Bible out and select your quiet place, or whatever the challenge may be, move on it now. Many blessings to you and yours as you thrust out into your day “today.”

What about you? Name the areas you need to move forward in “today.” Make your plans and block your time to do them. Don’t allow “good” to rob you of “best.” Move ever upward and forward in the Lord. 

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In His Presence Blog

In His Presence

Psalm 16:11 “You will show me the paths of life; In Your Presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”

My first conscious sense of the Presence of God was when I was about five years old, standing in my little home town church that my grandfather had helped to build. I can remember I had on a little royal blue skirt and matching jacket (homemade by my seamstress mother), with a crisp white blouse under the jacket. My mom would always wear my blonde hair in big donut curls.

We all had been invited to come to the altar for a while for a time of prayer before we went home. I found a spot over to the left where a few of us children would stand together. We knew better than to fool around as at least one of our parents usually stood near us.

I had lost my dad not long before this encounter with Lou Gehrig’s disease. My child-heart was torn and tattered into a million pieces with very little comprehension to wrap around my very young, sore mind.

As I stood there, I closed my eyes and sang along with the chorus that was being sung. I felt the supernatural warmth of peace and sweet comfort rise up in my spirit. I had given my heart to the Lord awhile before this, surrendering my life to Jesus as best as I could understand at the age of five. I became lost in the wonder of that precious sense of His Presence in great rest and supernatural love. I felt hot tears begin to slide down my baby child’s cheeks. I opened my eyes to see if any of my friends noticed. They had all gone back to their seats or out the door to play on the church lawn awhile before they had to go home. That was an enticing thought for a split second, but the feeling I was experiencing was far more appealing.

As I stood there, I raised my hands and began to drink in even more and more of this Living Water. I felt I could never get enough. Tears welled up and overflowed again and again. To this day, I have a hard time worshipping and loving the Lord without tears. I’m not sad, I just have an overwhelming love for Him that leaks out.

Always come before Him with heartfelt, genuine worship. Magnify His great majesty. He asks us, “Is anything too hard for Me?” Refocus on who He is. Know that He is all-knowing, all-powerful, everywhere present and on and on and on. Don’t rush into His Presence with a to-do list and your demands. Get focused on Him by worshipping Him. He will speak to you. You don’t need to rehearse every detail of your concerns. The Word says He goes before us, so He already has been down the road before you and has made provision and everything you will need to find along the way. Then He comes back and walks with us and we travel together on our path. There’s no other God like Him!

He is so worthy of all praise. In His Presence is fullness of joy; As we worship Him, He will begin to speak from His heavenly view of our lives and from who He says we are. He will show you the path of life and at His right hand are pleasures forevermore.

What about you? Will you join me being in His Presence? Will you drop the worry, fear, doubt, negativity, depression, etc. to magnify the Lord with me? Will you just simply worship at His feet and be ready to receive all that He would speak to you? He’s only a breath away. Know you are in His Presence where there is fullness of joy.

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Father is Listening Blog

Father is Listening

Jeremiah 33:3 Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.

When our children were little, they would call out to us in the night. One of us would arouse ourselves from the grogginess of sleep and make our way to them. You could usually tell if they had had a bad dream or were imagining something spooky from the shadows of elusive shapes not recognized in the dark of night.

How much more does our heavenly Father hear and recognize His child when we cry out to Him? We can have a positive assurance from His own Voice that if we will call out to Him, He will answer us in ways that will amaze us. God promised Jeremiah that if he would call out to Him, He wouldn’t just answer him, but He would give revelation to him concerning his circumstances. In fact, God promised to show him “great and mighty things” that just normally would never be known and understood.

The word “mighty” in Hebrew, baster, is described as “isolated” or “inaccessible.” The idea is that if we will call out to Him, God will give revelational insight to us that otherwise would not be open and available to us. Maybe it could be an amazing cure for a horrible disease or an invention that would revolutionize our world.

Revelational insight also is given to us concerning spiritual matters, for example, how to pray and the timing of things in our lives, guidance on making the right decisions, things not understood normally other than by revelation from God.

Stephen and I were at a crossroads on whether to continue to stay and pastor our congregation at a very strategic time in our ministry with them. We decided we would fast for three days and not share our thoughts with each other during that time period. I wanted to leave, and Stephen was leaning towards staying, although neither of us was completely sure of which direction to go.

The three days came and went. I didn’t like what I received from the Lord. In fact, I was very down about it. I didn’t like the verse He had given me in my time before Him in fasting and prayer.

When we met together to share what we had received, I told Stephen to share first, hoping I was wrong in what I felt I had gotten. Stephen slowly began to explain what he had heard. He shared the verse God had impressed on his heart. I was stunned! God had given him the exact verse I had gotten, Isaiah 50:7. The line that stood out was “Therefore I have set My face like a flint and I will not be ashamed.” No, it couldn’t be! But yes, it was. There was no mistaking what God was saying. Stay in faith that God had us and we were to stand in the midst of the turmoil we found ourselves in.

Now, many years later, we can report that God specifically and surely gave us the revelation of His heart. It’s amazing how He will work if we call out to Him. Call out to Him, Friend! He is listening and as any good father will do, He will respond to you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know. Watch, wait His time and be listening. He will speak.

What about you? Are you perplexed today about some situation or person in your life? Call out to Him. Ask Him questions. Take some time to set yourself aside to talk to God about it and then be listening for His response. God is faithful to His Word even as He was to Jeremiah. God hears you, Dear One. Trust Him today and be listening for His Voice.

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A Merry Heart

Do you ever just laugh for the sheer joy of laughing? Are you overly serious? Are you too stressed out and nervously tense to joke with others or them with you? Proverbs 17:22 says, “ A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.” My husband, Stephen, is a real character and loves to play a joke on whoever is easily set up. One day many years ago, there were coons in my step-dad’s corn. Stephen is an avid hunter and always kept a watchful eye to try to rid the garden of these thieves. Sure enough, he was able to shoot one of the coons.

There was a loose board out in the main barn and Stephen got this crazy idea to pull a prank on my step-dad, Herb. He took the dead coon out to where a floorboard was jarred from its normal resting place and pulled it back and put the dead coon in a position to make it look like it was about to escape down through the hole. It really did look like the coon was trying to escape.

As soon as my step-dad pulled in the driveway, Stephen hurriedly ran out of the house yelling, “Herb, Herb! There’s a coon in the barn.” Herb grabbed a baseball bat and began to stealthily make his way into the barn. He crept along the inside wall of the barn even walking heel to toe, heel to toe. Stephen of course, was right behind him watching his every move, trying hard not to laugh.

Herb finally got up to the coon and rushed headlong right at it. He began to swing the bat up and down, up and down, thinking he had finally caught the garden thief. Then suddenly it dawned on him that the coon had not made one move. Slowly he turned around and looked at Stephen who burst out with hoots of laughter. Then Herb began to laugh with him at the hilarious prank that had been pulled on him!

Are you too busy to pull a joke on someone or are people too nervous about what your reaction would be if they played one on you? Remember, “A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.” Let’s ask God to help us stop being Negative Nancys and Negative Nelsons and loosen up enough to laugh and love a little more intensely. Laughter is a great healing medicine! So let’s let the healing begin!

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sharia law

Sharia Law

I heard something on my way to work today that was very disturbing. The journalist was telling America that Islam is the fastest growing religion on the planet and that by 2050, it also will be the largest. He went on to tell us stunned listeners that it was because of the decreased involvement of Christians and Jews across the globe. Islam, he stated, was proselytizing on every continent. Not good news at all!

For example, how naive we, as Americans are about Sharia law which is making headway in large and small ways. Our public schools are setting prayer rooms aside for practicing Muslims, while Christian and Jewish students are not allowed. Whatever happened to the separation of church and State? Shouldn’t all religions have the same privileges and restrictions? What about Target cashiers getting a pass for refusing to wait on customers who are purchasing bacon, or Christians who were arrested for handing out free copies of the Book of John to Muslims on a public sidewalk?

Judeo-Christian tradition has been under attack for quite a few years along with concessions granted to Sharia law; this is not something brand new for America.

In 1619 we started doing it when we tolerated a ship of thirty African slaves to land on our shores to become profit for slave traders. Upon visiting a slave castle in Ivory Coast, the history of the slave trade in that area was recited to us. It was the sin of all types of mankind that allowed this evil to exist, mainly for profit. No race or color was exempt in that evil history. But another fact was that there were a lot of predominantly Muslim who were high players in the slave trade. According to Thomas Sowell, Muslims openly still practice selling slaves in places like Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Mauritania.

Mohammad himself practiced slavery, and taught his proteges to do the same.

Quoting Sowell: “…the region of West Africa…was one of the great slave-trading regions of the continent-before, during, and after the white man arrived. Arabs were the leading slave raiders in East Africa, ranging over an area larger than all of Europe.”

Let’s contrast Islam and Sharia based on the Quran; the Judeo-Christian foundations and heritage based on the Bible, has adamantly be against slave trade. This is only a small, tiny, minute glimpse of this topic.

Did you know that in the Quran men are told to keep the strap in open sight for their wives to see so that they will be fearful to be obedient to their husbands? Many Islamic women under Sharia law live in fear of being killed for possibly displeasing their husbands or other male relatives. Many Islamic countries do not allow women to even drive or get a decent, ongoing education. Such is Sharia law.

I thank God daily I live in a Judeo-Christian nation where I am free to be who God has created me to be. We need to seriously wake-up to what Sharia law really is. There is much more to learn about it. I challenge you to study, dig and educate yourself about Sharia law. Let’s purposefully pray for Muslims that Jesus will reveal Himself to them in powerful ways. They are searching and hungry as well, for the living God. And, we as Christians and Jews must awaken and stir ourselves to action. Let’s not pretend that Sharia law is not just on the edge of our world, but is already in it! Arise. Let your voice be heard.

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