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Father is Listening

Jeremiah 33:3 Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.

When our children were little, they would call out to us in the night. One of us would arouse ourselves from the grogginess of sleep and make our way to them. You could usually tell if they had had a bad dream or were imagining something spooky from the shadows of elusive shapes not recognized in the dark of night.

How much more does our heavenly Father hear and recognize His child when we cry out to Him? We can have a positive assurance from His own Voice that if we will call out to Him, He will answer us in ways that will amaze us. God promised Jeremiah that if he would call out to Him, He wouldn’t just answer him, but He would give revelation to him concerning his circumstances. In fact, God promised to show him “great and mighty things” that just normally would never be known and understood.

The word “mighty” in Hebrew, baster, is described as “isolated” or “inaccessible.” The idea is that if we will call out to Him, God will give revelational insight to us that otherwise would not be open and available to us. Maybe it could be an amazing cure for a horrible disease or an invention that would revolutionize our world.

Revelational insight also is given to us concerning spiritual matters, for example, how to pray and the timing of things in our lives, guidance on making the right decisions, things not understood normally other than by revelation from God.

Stephen and I were at a crossroads on whether to continue to stay and pastor our congregation at a very strategic time in our ministry with them. We decided we would fast for three days and not share our thoughts with each other during that time period. I wanted to leave, and Stephen was leaning towards staying, although neither of us was completely sure of which direction to go.

The three days came and went. I didn’t like what I received from the Lord. In fact, I was very down about it. I didn’t like the verse He had given me in my time before Him in fasting and prayer.

When we met together to share what we had received, I told Stephen to share first, hoping I was wrong in what I felt I had gotten. Stephen slowly began to explain what he had heard. He shared the verse God had impressed on his heart. I was stunned! God had given him the exact verse I had gotten, Isaiah 50:7. The line that stood out was “Therefore I have set My face like a flint and I will not be ashamed.” No, it couldn’t be! But yes, it was. There was no mistaking what God was saying. Stay in faith that God had us and we were to stand in the midst of the turmoil we found ourselves in.

Now, many years later, we can report that God specifically and surely gave us the revelation of His heart. It’s amazing how He will work if we call out to Him. Call out to Him, Friend! He is listening and as any good father will do, He will respond to you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know. Watch, wait His time and be listening. He will speak.

What about you? Are you perplexed today about some situation or person in your life? Call out to Him. Ask Him questions. Take some time to set yourself aside to talk to God about it and then be listening for His response. God is faithful to His Word even as He was to Jeremiah. God hears you, Dear One. Trust Him today and be listening for His Voice.

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