Will I Really Change?

The New Year always brings me to the same thoughts—what New Year’s resolutions do I want to make? The truth is there are very few New Year’s resolutions that I have followed through to mastery. Here is the truth—no one is going to exercise and eat right for me; no… Read More »

I Am So Hungry!

Those moments forever lodged in the world of my memories are those phenomenal times in the tangible Presence of God. My whole being longs for that again. It seems to me that over the years, we have given in to tradition, political correctness or seemingly important time schedules in our… Read More »

This Time of The Year

This time of the year with all its colorful sights, enticing smells and old standard Christmas tunes rolling through our heads, can be challenging to some. I want to share my heart in the hopes of bringing some encouragement and healing to possibly a few nostalgic, heavy hearts… Blessings to… Read More »

Here and Listening

So many times along the tedious road of life, I have longed for someone to slow down long enough to want to listen and hear my heart and the random and poignant thoughts that were rolling around inside of me…not just because they felt they had to, but because they… Read More »