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Perfect Peace – What Is It?

Isaiah 26:3 says, “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.” I often pray asking for peace, but upon contemplation and study I have discovered that I was viewing peace in a very limited way. Frequently people use the Hebrew word “Shalom,” which in its simplest meaning can mean “peace.” This is awesome and powerful, yet shalom in Isaiah 26:3 means so much more. Isaiah, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, used the wording “perfect peace.” What’s the difference between “peace” and “perfect peace?”

In Hebrew when someone says shalom, shalom, saying it twice, it is a method of putting greater emphasis on the word. “You will keep him in” everything the word shalom implies: peace, well-being, health, happiness. Now that adds a lot more to our narrow understanding of the word shalom…peace.

The word translated “mind” is not the usual Hebrew word, but has a much deeper meaning. It means “creative imagination.” The Holy Spirit is teaching us this concept—when I am firmly grounded and founded on the awesome, all-knowing, all powerful, everywhere present God, God will cause my mind, my creative imagination, the seat and development of all my plans and ideas to come into alignment. It means that one will enjoy and live in all the implications of shalom, shalom. God’s heart and destiny will be implanted and develop in my creative imagination. Hopefully I won’t ignore that inspiration. Somehow, we as human beings can pooh pooh away the creative inspiration God gives, thinking it was just our own crazy thinking, when in reality it was God giving us something very powerful.

There have been many times when I have prayed asking God to show me how to do something, and at first it sounded crazy to me, but then as I thought about it, although the idea seemed out of the box, I chose to move on it. And guess what…it was a huge success.

Then there have been times when I tried to pattern myself after what someone else was doing that looked so successful, or I tried to implement the latest new thing only for it to crash, flat on its face.

The answer is to seek God for His heart and direction. Listen carefully, asking Him for great clarity as you wait, listening before Him for what He wants to speak. Yes, peace is great, but how much fuller and richer is the “shalom, shalom” of God, peace, well-being, health, and happiness? So today I bless you with “shalom, shalom.” Dear One, walk and dwell in the fullness and overflowing of His blessings for you! Experience and live in the shalom, shalom of God.

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