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Praying Through

The old timers that I grew up around used to use terminology that I really never understood until I got older. One of their favorite things to talk about was “praying through.” I often wondered just what they really meant. Now I have an understanding of it.

I dislike walking around trying to do my work or being out with others and having something burdening my spirit. I become distracted and I know when I am like this, I am not a good listener. My thoughts are on what is bothering me.

Our verse today has a powerful truth in it. I believe it is telling us that you can pray your way into full faith, coming to the place of full assurance, even while you are still praying that your prayer has been accepted and heard; and in advance of the answer to your prayer with confident anticipation actually become aware of having received what you are asking for.

No earthly circumstances can hinder the fulfillment of God’s Word. Don’t look around you to all that is happening and get your own reasoning in the way. Remember, as long as Peter kept his eyes on Jesus, he would not sink. When he focused his vision on the wind and the waves, down he would go. Look steadfastly at the Word. When we can believe without evidence, then He is ready to do for us according to our faith.

I remember the old mothers and fathers of the faith tarrying around the altar, praying and waiting on the Lord. I couldn’t figure out as a child what was taking them so long. Now I know they were “praying through” to a place in their hearts of full assurance that God was going to move on their behalf.

I have a suggestion for all of us today, myself included. Let’s shut out every other distraction, every other voice and noise, and enter our prayer closets and unload our hearts in full, every detail, every concern to Him. Let’s “pray through” to a solid position of faith, no matter how long it may take. “Then He touched their eyes, saying, ‘According to your faith let it be to you,’” Matthew 9:29. Today, let us ask ourselves, are we ready for Him to move? Always know nothing is impossible with God. According to your faith, let it be unto you. Make a list of areas that you need to “pray through.” Make time to shut yourself away in a quiet place and begin. Let your faith arise and then watch to see what God will do. Record your answers to your prayers as record of God’s faithfulness to you.

Taken from Time Alone with God by Meredith Giles.
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