sharia law

Sharia Law

I heard something on my way to work today that was very disturbing. The journalist was telling America that Islam is the fastest growing religion on the planet and that by 2050, it also will be the largest. He went on to tell us stunned listeners that it was because of the decreased involvement of Christians and Jews across the globe. Islam, he stated, was proselytizing on every continent. Not good news at all!

For example, how naive we, as Americans are about Sharia law which is making headway in large and small ways. Our public schools are setting prayer rooms aside for practicing Muslims, while Christian and Jewish students are not allowed. Whatever happened to the separation of church and State? Shouldn’t all religions have the same privileges and restrictions? What about Target cashiers getting a pass for refusing to wait on customers who are purchasing bacon, or Christians who were arrested for handing out free copies of the Book of John to Muslims on a public sidewalk?

Judeo-Christian tradition has been under attack for quite a few years along with concessions granted to Sharia law; this is not something brand new for America.

In 1619 we started doing it when we tolerated a ship of thirty African slaves to land on our shores to become profit for slave traders. Upon visiting a slave castle in Ivory Coast, the history of the slave trade in that area was recited to us. It was the sin of all types of mankind that allowed this evil to exist, mainly for profit. No race or color was exempt in that evil history. But another fact was that there were a lot of predominantly Muslim who were high players in the slave trade. According to Thomas Sowell, Muslims openly still practice selling slaves in places like Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Mauritania.

Mohammad himself practiced slavery, and taught his proteges to do the same.

Quoting Sowell: “…the region of West Africa…was one of the great slave-trading regions of the continent-before, during, and after the white man arrived. Arabs were the leading slave raiders in East Africa, ranging over an area larger than all of Europe.”

Let’s contrast Islam and Sharia based on the Quran; the Judeo-Christian foundations and heritage based on the Bible, has adamantly be against slave trade. This is only a small, tiny, minute glimpse of this topic.

Did you know that in the Quran men are told to keep the strap in open sight for their wives to see so that they will be fearful to be obedient to their husbands? Many Islamic women under Sharia law live in fear of being killed for possibly displeasing their husbands or other male relatives. Many Islamic countries do not allow women to even drive or get a decent, ongoing education. Such is Sharia law.

I thank God daily I live in a Judeo-Christian nation where I am free to be who God has created me to be. We need to seriously wake-up to what Sharia law really is. There is much more to learn about it. I challenge you to study, dig and educate yourself about Sharia law. Let’s purposefully pray for Muslims that Jesus will reveal Himself to them in powerful ways. They are searching and hungry as well, for the living God. And, we as Christians and Jews must awaken and stir ourselves to action. Let’s not pretend that Sharia law is not just on the edge of our world, but is already in it! Arise. Let your voice be heard.

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