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The chart-topping rapper Kendrick Lamar is preaching more spiritual truth than most of the dead… So reads the article title in Charisma News. Kendrick is one of the hottest rappers, not just in the U.S, but the entire world. He is rebuking us, Christian leaders in America. Kendrick shines light on the idea that people are rarely ever hearing the words “sin” “repentance” and “judgment” from the pulpits of America and from influential leaders in the Christian world. Kendrick has won seven Grammy Awards and last year Time named him one of the top 100 most influential people on the face of the earth.

“Lamar, the 29-year-old rapper whose fourth studio album (expletive) is sitting atop Billboard charts, believes the churches that only focus on the idea of hope are one-sided.” Charisma News. Lamar went to a local church awhile ago to find the same program and practice that he had experienced when he was a young boy. The same message that “someone’s season was approaching,” pushing the whole idea of hope he says. Yet he felt “a sense of emptiness” when he heard the same sermons he had heard as a boy. He said he left churches feeling “spiritually unsatisfied as a child.” I can relate to that. When you have experienced the genuine presence and power of God, nothing else will satisfy.

Lamar goes on to say that “too many churches fail to address this “hard truth” about the Christian calling.” I know why the Gospel is watered down—we are afraid if we do preach the Word as it truly is, we risk offending those who do come, and thus substitute life-saving truth for hope and blessing messages rather than redemption from sin found in Jesus Christ.

Where’s the manifest Presence of God? Where is the power of the living God coming so strong among us that you can’t help being changed? That’s what the heart of man is longing for, yet we, as fleshly man think we have to manipulate the atmosphere and create comfortableness, etc. We forget that its all about Jesus, not about us. No wonder His glory seldom comes.

Psalm 127: 1 says, “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.” The only place of solace for me as a Christian leader is to find my place in intercession, listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit and being careful not to, as Kendrick Lamar challenges “not to preach watered-down messages…” but in unconditional love preach the real Gospel.

Lamar concluded his message by sharing that in light of his recent discovery, he feels called “to share the joy of God, but with exclamation, more so, the FEAR OF GOD…Knowing then power in what He (God) can build, and also what He (God) can destroy.” Charisma News.

In 2 Timothy 4, Paul warned that a day was coming when apostate Christians would “not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.” I believe there is a day coming when the modern Christian and nations will stop surrounding themselves with teachers and preachers who would only tell them what they want to hear. May we be awakened to the reality of sin, getting on our faces for a fresh, new anointing to preach with wisdom and compassion the reality of eternity and not be afraid to speak the truth about every form of sin and perversion in our culture today. This is when the love of God truly floods into our souls, sets us truly free and infuses genuine change and hope. God help us; God have mercy on this nation and the world and set us on holy fire from above.

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