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Exodus 8:9-10a

9 – And Moses said to Pharaoh, “Accept the honor of saying when I shall intercede for you, for your servants, and for your people, to destroy the frogs from you and your houses, that they may remain in the river only.”

10 – So he (Pharaoh) said, “Tomorrow.”

Why not now, today? is my question. Why would Pharaoh want frogs all over his bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, garden, etc.? Why put up with such a gross nuisance all around you, infiltrating every part of your life? Why not today?

But are we the same? I’ll start eating right “tomorrow.” I’ll start exercising “tomorrow.” I’ll start reading my Bible and spending time in prayer “tomorrow.” Why not today? We feel the tug of the Holy Spirit and hear the still small voice of God directing and admonishing to start “today,” not “tomorrow;” for you see, “tomorrow” truly never comes, for when we put things off yet again, “tomorrow” will be “today.” 

One of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control. No need for a huge definition of what that means. It is what it is—one controlling one’s self. Simple. So where does the procrastination come from? Is there a weakness in my character? Is it genetic? Is it demonic? We can blame it on any number of things. Yet, I believe “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us,” at least that’s what His Word says. 

In becoming a writer, I had to set a schedule to write, a specific time each morning in order to get my writing for the day done. If I didn’t stick to that, there would be no books completed. Sometimes I would be excited to write what was stirring in me and at other times it felt like a scary trip to the dentist, yet I persevered. It was the “consistency of doing it” that brought success. It’s the same for any area of our lives. 

It’s the same with the other fruits of the Spirit. When situations arise in our lives, we need to not dwell on negative thinking—it’s not allowed! Talk to the Lord about it first, asking for His mind in the circumstance. Ask questions of Him. Who do you want to be for me in this that is happening? What is my part? How is this going to give me an upgrade in knowing you? Then choose a fruit of the spirit to dwell on. Say, for example, a depressive thing has happened. Talk to the Lord about it, and then choose the opposite fruit to put into practice such as joy. Choose to be joyful throughout the day. See what happens. You will find yourself being strengthened. God knows all about it for He said in His Word that He goes before you.

So dear Friend, I encourage you “today” to stop putting things off in your life until that infamous “tomorrow.” Let’s live our day differently “today.” So out with the workout clothes, purchase the healthy grub, get your Bible out and select your quiet place, or whatever the challenge may be, move on it now. Many blessings to you and yours as you thrust out into your day “today.”

What about you? Name the areas you need to move forward in “today.” Make your plans and block your time to do them. Don’t allow “good” to rob you of “best.” Move ever upward and forward in the Lord. 

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