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We Went to See The Circle

Monday is our day off, such as it is. Errands, running into Lowe’s for just a small fix-it gadget, or the grocery store for a few needed items to make a soup for dinner, are all part of the day’s lineup. Every other week, it is my day to choose (above and beyond the errands), what we will be doing for our reprieve. Sometimes it’s a trip to Lake George for outlet shopping and lunch, or over to Massachusetts to peruse the Clark gallery for their latest exhibition.

Last week, I chose to go see the movie “The Circle,” starring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks. Mae, (Emma Watson), grabs the chance to land a job in the most powerful technology and social media company. Without giving away the story completely, the theme of the movie is about a groundbreaking experiment that pushes the boundaries of privacy, ethics and personal freedom. Mae flows completely with the experiment until her eyes are widely opened to what’s really going on. Her decisions begin to impede on the lives of others, even to her family and their futures and their privacy.

Talk of openness, fairness, and full acceptance of each other sounds so right. When boarding specific airlines you will hear the announcer welcoming you to the airline—“a member of the global community.” Is all this really a true caring from “the powers that be,” that each and every member of the human race receive every possible advantage and have every opportunity the same as the next person? Yet, is this truly a loving, caring movement? Stop and really think about it. Or is there a very slick, blinding power behind all of what is thrust at us repeatedly hundreds of times a day, reaching to take control of your thinking, actions and reactions behind it all?

I heard that in Finland they are experimenting with everyone receiving $1,000 a month whether you work or not. Wow! How long will that last? When will the money run out, or when will those who work not want their money going to those who don’t work? The reasoning behind it is so that you can be freed up to do more profitable, creative fun things rather than work. What is the force behind all of this? For answers, read the Bible, especially the book of Revelation. The Bible, the wisest, most powerful book in the world, spells it out for us. Slow down long enough to read the truth. Base your decisions on God’s Word, not on something you read online. Don’t allow your mind and thinking to be numbed and taken over by the spirit of this age. There will be consequences for blindly following and believing just anything. Know there is a power behind the scene that will not relent until it has complete control, seducing you into its system and power. It is not kind; it is not true; it is out for itself, not you or anyone else. Be wise, my friend. God and His Word are key. He is the beginning and the end and everything in between. Be in His Word more than on your phone. Ask God to make you wise and open your understanding to what’s really happening. His plan is perfect and He never loses control of His world. Be wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove, and never close both eyes, getting too comfortable with the systems of this world. Some spiritual leaders say this is “old school” teaching. Be careful! God’s Word does not change with the times. Don’t add or take away from it. He is true to His Word to the very second and moment He ordained things to be. His Word has foretold us that this day would come and now, here we are. Don’t be blind to understanding this. Remember, He who sits on the circle of the earth, is still in control. Push to know Him and His Word more. It is life and truth. And if you get a chance, go see The Circle!

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