Glenmont, NY Christian Ministries

Monthly Connect Schedule

  • Ray and Marion Peasley — 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7pm – Place: 403 Bridge St. South Bethlehem
  • Maria Armina — Women’s Coffee Club on February 5th at 6pm, 148 Old Ravena Road, Selkirk
  • Ayreen and Steve Buhrmaster/Salman and Sana Pervez — Family Connect Place: 23 Eagle Lane, Cohoes
  • Bekah Ballard — Family Connect Place: 46 Tracey Road, Ravena. Please call the church office to find out their schedule.
  • David and Joyce Nidle  — Reading of the Torah every Every Friday – Place: 17 Crestwood Ave. Troy
  • Ray and Vicky Soto — 1st Friday of each month at 54 Mountain Road, Ravena Date: TBA
  • Jeannine Kade — 1st Friday of each month at 1990 New Scotland Rd. Slingerlands Date: TBA
  • Freda and Victor Riggins — 25 Kenosha St. Albany Date: TBA
  • Martha and Julio Abreu — Last Friday of each month at 7 Patterson Drive, Glenmont Date: TBA
  • Virginia and Bob Von Behr — 35 Bethwood Drive, Albany Date: TBA
Christian Ministries Glenmont, NY