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Threats around us…

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Every household is now loaded with different electronic devices. I remember when I was in college when I first had my computer; it was a 286 processor with a 40-megabyte hard drive and paper white monitor. To someone who’s not in Information Technology (IT), will not understand what I just described. However, for someone who understands what I just said, they will be laughing with me. The 286 processor is way too slow compared to all the computers that we have today.

Computers definitely made people’s lives easier as years go by. However, everyone is not probably aware that it is now becoming an opportunity for . What are cybercriminals and online threats? Cybercriminals are the people who commit crimes that involve computer and a network by stealing people’s identity. How do these attacks start? People nowadays are so in tuned with social media like Facebook and Twitter. These attacks usually start in social media. I am shocked when people are posting the pictures of their driver’s license, passports, and hopefully not social security numbers! It is very sad when I see these things. If I know the person, I usually send them a private message to let them know what could happen.

What are online threats? Online threats are threats that involve computers and a network. Spam emails and viruses are the usual threats in the computer. These viruses can transform through a cybercriminal accessing your computer when you’re connected to social media, reading emails, running software, and browsing websites. When the virus comes in to your computer, it can read all your data in it, steal your information, and destroy your computer. This is why people are advised to buy antivirus software to help avoid these things from happening. However, if someone who’s buying a computer doesn’t really understand these things, that person is the number one victims of all these threats.

This website will describe it in a more detailed manner how accessing social media can be threats to the user. Please read it carefully and understand what it means:

We have to understand to avoid these things from happening in our lives. Threats are always around us. According to Philippians 3:2, Beware of the dogs, beware of the evil workers, beware of those who mutilate the flesh!

I am not trying to scare people from accessing computers and all that. I just want everyone to be aware of what it can do to you and be smart about it. Evil will always try to destroy people and we know that. Don’t get me wrong because technology is so amazing. I myself work for technology as a living as I am a computer programmer. We use technology every day; it is always part of our lives and makes our lives so much easier than before. However, as it continues to progress, it can also destroy a lot of things. Even the Federal government agencies, big stores (whether online or not), large insurance companies, etc. are affected by these cybercriminals and online threats. I just received a letter from Anthem, a large insurance company that they were affected by these threats and my family’s personal information could be threatened by the attack. If these large agencies are affected and doing much better in avoiding them but they’re still affected, how much more small individuals like us can be prone to these things? If you don’t understand the cyber threats around you, ask someone you know that can explain them to you. Read about them and be aware and know how to avoid them.

If you need more information, please contact me at and I would be happy to explain these things to you.

I pray that you will be protected by any threats that come your way every day. In Jesus name, Amen.

God bless,

Rowena Langdon

Website Ministry

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