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We Need Each Other

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When women come together for a time of fellowship or just plain fun, it can be wonderfully healing as well. We gain strength from each other and form lasting relationships.

At a recent gathering for women at my church, I began to chat with one of the other women that were present. The event was designed to provide strength and empowerment, but it produced so much more.

After the first few moments of breaking the ice, it was as if she and I have been friends forever. I think women do this better than men (just my opinion).

Although we belong to the same church and see each other at least once a week, we really didn’t know each other at all. Good thing God knows how to create opportunity for us to form healthy and lasting relationships. But we can’t form relationships with ourselves – we need each other.

This reminds me of Ruth and Naomi, they developed a life-long friendship, but it was God who orchestrated their steps using famine and death. Out of this famine and death, came a relationship between the two women that was so wonderful and it lasted their lifetimes. They didn’t know it initially, but soon found out they needed each other.

Whether God uses famine and death or a women’s event at a church, He wants to orchestrate a healthy and lasting relationships. Let Him orchestrate one for you today.

Pastor Linda,
Women’s Leadership


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